Accessories For All Types Of Phones!

Since the rise of the smart phone, one thing that is always trending is, of course, the phone case. Whether for protection or purely for a fashion statement, they come in all shapes and sizes to fit any type of phone imaginable. People often think the cheapest and cutest cases are found online, places like Amazon where they are shipped to your house. However, the problem with online shopping of course is the inability to try out different ones on your phone before choosing which you want to purchase.

Whether you are looking for a protective case or just something cute to match an outfit, C.P. Wireless, as well as multiple other shops in the Alley, have exactly what you are looking for with the luxury of actually trying them until you find the perfect cover!

These marble cases are more on the protective side and match the Marble Mac Computer cases that are currently on trend. How cute to have a matching laptop and phone combo right?

C.P. also offers many colors of the lava-lamp-inspired sparkle cases, shown below.

Pink1R Pink2R Pink3R

Including heart-shaped sparkles in pink, and plain sparkles in gold, these cases are a bit more flashy and and are a super fun and unique item.

Gold1R Gold2R

Last but not least, C.P. Wireless features cases for phones of every shape and size – some of the coolest we spotted were designs with zoomed-in portraits of animals, cases specifically for the Android phone which also provide a bit more protection and have darker neutral color tones to match any outfit, purse, or wallet combination.


There are multiple stores in the Alley to buy phone cases, all around the same price you would purchase from Amazon or any other bargain website. C.P. had so many options, you could mix and match with multiple different outfits!

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