Back to School!

It’s August, which means school is right around the corner, and Santee Alley is stocked with the most essential back-to-school item: backpacks. No matter if you are shopping for an elementary school student or you are a college student, Santee Alley has the backpack for you.


For the younger students who love roller backpacks or princess and teenage mutant ninja turtles, Michelle Shop is your one-stop-shop. There is no shortage of cartoon character backpacks here, as well as classic Jansport backpacks and even lunch boxes.

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Michelle Shop
1121 Maple Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90015

In addition to children’s backpacks, Santee Alley also has options for  middle school, high school, and college students. We especially like the backpacks at Gogo’s Accessories because they also work great for hiking, traveling, or beach trips. The backpacks are well-constructed and come in different styles and colors.

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Gogo’s Accessories
1059 Maple Alley
Los Angeles CA, 90015