Bad Hair Day?

We all have those days where we can’t get out of bed, and especially can’t think about doing our hair and make up. Whether you’re just going to class in the morning or running errands all day, finding a simple shortcut to save your bad hair day and look trendy is easy! There are so many stores in the Santee Alley that offer stylish and affordable hats to help you out with your lazy day needs. While doing some trend research, we have come to realize that within the last few months, plain suede and leather hats have been a huge hit in the fashion world. We link this look to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens who rock these hats around LA to their gym and coffee outings.

suede hat kylie R
photo: Instagram

Leather Hat Vanessa R
photo: Instagram

Even when wearing a pair of workout leggings and a basic tshirt, by adding a stylish hat, it can make you look like you have yourself together and are consistent with the trends.  There are multiple stores in the Santee Alley that have these hats on sale that you can try on before purchase!


Of course there are basic colors like black, nude, and cream at DK Fashion and Trading Inc. as well as a few pops of color that would bring a little spunk to a more neutral outfit choice.



These hats are made out of a vegan leather material and are super flattering on multiple bodies and face shapes. Some even have an LA logo to represent your favorite city.

DK Fashion Trading, Inc.
Wholesale & Retail Fashion Jewelry Accessories
1228 ½ Santee St. (Alley)
Los Angeles, CA 90015

The suede look is also available in multiple colors at a store called System also located in the Santee Alley.


While you check out these hats at System, look around and find a matching jean jacket and pair of leggings to finish of your look for a great price.

System Women’s Clothing
1022 S. Santee Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015