Embroidered patches, pins, and DIY embellishments

Easy DIY Embellishment Ideas

Embroidered patches, pins, and DIY embellishments… Whether you’re looking to update your old wardrobe or create a customized fashion look, Santee Alley has what you need. In true fashion blogger style, we’re showing you how to create super easy DIY pieces in one easy tutorial ;)

Step 1. Head straight to A Accessories at 1042 ½ inside Santee Alley. Choose from variety of embroidered patches, pins and brooches. Need a blank? (Blanks = Apparel industry term for blank t-shirts, has, pants, etc. used for screen printing or embroidery) A Accessories has those too! Choose from hats, headbands, turbans, and more. Everything is super affordable, with prices starting at $1.

Step 2. Go home and get out your sewing (or glue!) kit and get to DIYing! Put as little or as much as you want to make your new item “you.”

Step 3. Rock your creation and repeat.

Need inspiration? Check out the already-embroidered styles available at A Accessories, Geolo Fire and Madera Fashion.

A Accessories
1042 ½ Santee Alley