Makeup Bargains!

Makeup is the accessory of the summer. But why spend boat loads of money on designer brands when you can buy good makeup at great price and get great results?

The Santee Alley has no shortage of beauty and cosmetics – eyelashes, hair tools, nail polish, and of course makeup. Not only are the prices super affordable, but the service is amazing! The owners and workers at these makeup stores are very welcoming and help shoppers test products and answer any questions they may have.

There’s a booth at the entrance of I Heart Fashion with some of the best makeup deals in Santee Alley. Most items are priced around $1.


99 cent lashes, what could be better?


Matte shadows are totally in right now especially with Kylie Jenner’s new Kyshadow Pallete being so huge on the market. These matte shadows are only $2 and come in everything from smokey eye to bright blues and purples.

MU3 MU4 nailpolish

I Heart Fashion
1031 Maple Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Last but not least while shopping for makeup in the Santee Alley don’t forget to check out WAWA Cosmetics located outside of the Alley at 308 East 11th Street. This is a makeup heaven with absolutely anything you could imagine. The store owner is very helpful and the prices are very reasonable.


So many brushes and shadows available at WAWA Cosmetics.

WAWA Cosmetics
308 East 11th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015