Shop Halloween Costumes at A Wise Girl


Hey, Guys and Ghouls! Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re still on the haunt for that perfect costumes, look no further than A Wise Girl. Located in The Santee Alley at 320 E. 12th Street #3 the storefront is hard to miss due to their prominent display of Halloween masks which range from $15 – $55.  Inside the location you’ll also find quality porcelain masquerade and calavera masks ranging from $8 – $65.

santee-alley-halloween-costumes santee-alley-halloween-kids

Don’t be tricked by the sidewalk displays though, as this store has all the treats needed to assemble a costume for any man, woman, and child. Costumes are available is sizes up to 2-3x and begin at $15. The average cost of a costume is $45. Save even  more by taking advantage of the discounted costume rack.

santee-alley-halloween-accessories2 santee-alley-halloween-mask3 santee-alley-halloween-wigs

Should your costume require a wig and accessories, look no further than the checkout counter as you’ll find a wide range of accessories from $5 – $35. So be A Wise Girl, or Ghoul, and step inside today.

A Wise Girl
320 E. 12th Street #3
Los Angeles, CA 90015