Summer Trends 2017

Summer is right around the corner, and like most people, you’ve probably been too wrapped up in getting Beach Body ready to have your eye on upcoming trends. Let us be your guide as we list a couple of must have items to include in your summer wardrobe this year.

1. Stripes
Whether it’s “Seaside” or “banker”, stripes are a must have for any closest this season. No longer reserved for the business man, pair a striped dress shirt with a high-low skirt or a pair of jean shorts and some sandals for a flirty, yet sophisticated look. Kam’s Clothing (1121C inside Santee Alley) has a selection of striped items that would be a great addition to your summer outfit lineup, including a hot striped two piece.

2. Embroidery/Patches
One of the hottest trends in The Santee Alley right now is jeans, dresses, and shirts that have been embroidered or patched with floral prints. On a visit to Madera Fashion (1041 Maple Ave. we discovered their fastest selling items are the patched jeans featured below. The Latino inspired embroidered shirts and dresses are a close second.

The unexpected color of the season is YELLOW. Whether it’s Canary, Lemon, or Shocking, it will serve as a statement piece in any Summer wardrobe. Visit Sweet Life Fashion (1126 Santee St. Suite B) where they have an entire section dedicated to the color of the season.

4. Floral Prints
Not as surprising, floral prints continue their dominance as the pattern of choice as we move into summer trends. In The Santee Alley, a large majority of sundresses, maxis, and rompers are white, khaki, blush (also hot colors this season) with a floral print.

5. Off The Shoulder/Arm Slits
Last and certainly not least, the HOTTEST MUST HAVE to add to your summer wardrobe is the off the shoulder or arm slit shirt. The best part is you can get this striped, embroidered, yellow, or the floral version combining trends and hitting 2 birds with one stone. Visit Odezza (1025 Maple Ave, pictured below) or any of the previously mentioned stores for any and all the trends mentioned in this article.