Top 5 Summer Shoe Trends in Santee Alley

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Shoes, shoes, shoes. Footwear is one of the best deals in Santee Alley, as we’ve previously covered here, here, here, here and here. Santee Alley retailers offer styles similar to department stores and brands like Steve Madden and Jeffrey Campbell but for much, much less. In addition to all the trendy styles, Santee Alley shoe stores also carry unique and hard-to-find styles. #neverboring

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Top 5 Summer Shoes in Santee Alley

Santee Alley slides

1. Slides

The summer shoe of the season! Slides are the hottest shoe style this season and every shoe store in Santee Alley has them in stock. Especially popular are the styles inspired by Rihanna’s Fenty collection with Puma – trimmed with faux fur and with a big bow across the top.

Santee Alley heels

2. Clear

Inspired by the Kardashian’s and streetwear, clear heels are pretty popular in Santee Alley right now. The style in the photograph above takes it to the next level by incorporating another hot trend: velvet. We’ve also seen versions of the see-through trend with mesh (think Yeezy mesh ankle booties).

Santee Alley pumps

3. Metallic

Metallic seems to always be in style, and while we’ve long seen Santee Alley stores stock silver and gold shoes, this summer seems to be all about rose gold. Pumps, sandals, heels, flats… you name it, Santee Alley shoe vendors have it stocked in metallic colors right now.

Santee Alley sneakers

4. Light-Up

We started seeing light-up sneakers for children a few seasons ago, but they are now available in adult sizes too. Not only are casual sneakers super on-trend, the light-up aspect makes them a lot of fun too. How cute would these be for mommy-and-me outfits?

Santee Alley block heels

5. Block Heel

Block heels are becoming the ultimate closet staple. Low or high, block heels provide extra support making them more comfortable and wearable than typical heels. The most popular block heel styles seem to be single strap and multiple-thin-strap sandals. The sandals shown above combine the block and metallic trends for a trendy but versatile footwear choice.

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