Where to shop for Backpacks in Santee Alley

Backpack, backpack, backpack, backpack. Did you read that in the voice of your favorite traveling toddler? If so, that may mean you could be anticipating Back-To-School shopping. Turn off the cartoons, grab the kids and head downtown to Santee Alley for your Back-to-School needs. An essential that every student is going to need is a carry all for the tons of supplies they’ll need daily.

Boonyan Inc. can supply you with any baggage requirement. Backpacks are no exception. Their large selection of backpacks will provide any middle school to college student with enough room for all those books. Visit 1035-A inside Santee Alley to bag one for the school year.

Cool hipster bags are perfect for your teen student. GoGo’s Accessories at 1059 Maple Ave. (inside Santee Alley) has a variety of canvas bags to match any mood. Want to stand out? Got with a bold color or print! Backpacks are also available in earth tones and messenger/over-the-shoulder styles.

And we can’t leave out our fun cartoon-inspired backpack for our littles. Hurry to 311 East 12th Street to see what T & J Fashion Mart has in stock. With bright pink fit for any princess to your adventurers favorite character your student will be sure to find a backpack they’ll be happy to tote with them through out the school year.

No matter what kind of bag you’re in the market for you can find it in The Santee Alley. So head over for Back To School Shopping!

Boonyon Inc. 
1035 -A inside Santee Alley

GoGo’s Accessories
1003 B Maple Ave inside Santee Alley
Instagram: GOGO’s Accessories

T&J Fashion Mart
311 East 12th Street