An Outfit for all your Summer Activities

With summer officially here, there’s finally a little more free time to enjoy all the activities we planned throughout the year.  But with some many summer activities and so little outfits how can you stay fashionable without seeming like an outfit repeater? Not to worry, The Santee Alley has a store for all your activities at amazing prices.

A Pool Party:
Coco Fashion
1111 1/2 Maple Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90015.

From having stylish bathing suits to trendy apparel  Coco Fashion is the perfect store to shop an outfit that screams Hollywood-pool-party vibes! You can find ensembles for both day and night parties, what more can you ask for?


A Barbecue with Friends:
Stylin’ Fashion
1053 Maple Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90015

If you are looking for a cute but casual outfit Stylin’ Fashion has it for you! Their clothing styles offer a balance between style and comfort, so you can look good without even trying.


An Outdoor Concert:
1022 S. Santee Street (Alley) Los Angeles, CA 90015

System’s edgy apparel will make it seem like you are the rockstar at the concert. But if a grunge look isn’t for you, don’t worry, they also carry bright colored clothing that still share the same concert vibe without loosing your cute side.


A Picnic at the Park:
(213)-744-0007 0r (213)-748-7740
1040 1/2 Santee Alley St. or 1051 S. Maple Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90015

Have a cute date at the park? Or do you and your friends want to have a picnic and take some aesthetic pictures for the ‘gram? The clothing at Bubbles are perfect for both those, with a variety from bright and flowery to a more lay back and tomboy-ish look they have an outfit for every type.


A Night at a Roof-top Bar:
Sweet Life Fashion
317 1/2 E. 12th St. Los Angeles, Ca 90015

It’s not summer until drinks have been had at a roof-top bar. And the Sweet Life Fashion has the perfect outfit for such occasion. From dark to light colors they have clothing for everyone and specialize in making you shine brighter than the stars above you.