Bringing in Good Vibes this 2019 with the Santee Alley

Tenzin Beads, Santee Alley

It’s 2019 and we’re ready to make this year even better than the last. As we’re almost a full month into the new year, we thought it’d be a perfect time to show off one of the Santee Alley’s most sought after businesses, Tenzin Beads, and help spread all the good vibes!

Tenzin Beads specializes in wholesale and retail bohemian jewelry, beads, and crystals. The store offers an extensive bead and crystal collection, as well as some clothing and accessories. To really tap into your “positive energy” for the rest of the year, let’s focus on the crystals.

Crystals have been used throughout history, not only for their beauty, but for their healing qualities as well. Many people believe that each stone emits a certain energy that can have potential positive effects on your health and well being, and by working with crystals for new beginnings, you can hopefully commit to a positive and lasting change!

Here are some of the crystals that can be found at Tenzin Beads:

  • AGATE: treasured as a good overall healing stone — believed to help ease painful conditions
  • AMETHYST: a very powerful aid to creative thinking, spiritual awareness and healing — believed to help combat insomnia
  • AMETRINE: the entwined power of Amethyst and Citrine make this a unique stone — believed to be an exceptional cleanser and energizer
  • AQUAMARINE: giving warm-hearted energy, this soothing stone is said to pacify nerves and banish phobias whilst ensuring calm and tranquility
  • AVENTURINE: helps to reinforce decisiveness and amplify leadership qualities — good for calming anxiety and fears
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: a good balancing stone — believed to cushion against negativity and promote understanding
  • BLOODSTONE: can improve the sense of creativity, decision-making and intuition — said to help purify the blood and clear toxins
  • BLUE LACE AGATE: helps give a sense of courage and assists in discovering the truth — believed to be good for strengthening the bones
  • CARNELIAN: good for balance, connects you with your inner self, giving good concentration — said to benefit the kidneys, lungs and liver
  • CITRINE: diminishes self-destructive tendencies by raising self-esteem — good for overall emotional well being
  • FLUORITE/PINK FLUORITE: this stone is believed to bring forth order from chaos — thought to fend off colds
  • GARNET: an exquisite stone said to be therapeutic in times of trauma — keep it close to the skin
  • HEMATITE: enhances personal magnetism, will and courage — believed beneficial for blood flow, stress and the nerves

Here’s to a year of healthy habits, positive thinking and loving yourself. Visit Tenzin Beads in the Santee Alley to help make 2019 your year!